Condor Airlines Digital Rebrand

We had an existing relationship with Condor, one of Germany’s most popular airlines. Our work had impressed them to date, so we were invited to collaborate on the full digital rebrand, changing every component of their existing website into their new look and feel.

Digital Rebrand: Condor Airlines 

A large scale project

Condor wanted the full redesign and development for their entire site to be delivered in just four months, so it was shaping up to be the largest project we’d worked on to date.

The brief was to reskin the existing Condor site with the new brand, which was in the process of being created. The design rollout ran in parallel to the development, so it made for a faster execution. However, it also meant that our teams had to be incredibly agile and responsive to changes and updates along the way.

All hands on deck

We worked very closely with Condor’s branding team who provided us with the right templates for each and every component of the site - around 500 parts in total! All we could change was the HTML and CSS, which meant we could only work with what was already there. 

It was all hands on deck. With two core people on the team that acted as brand guardians throughout, we were able to resource the dev and design teams in and out of the project as and when needed.

We decided not to see it as a ‘massive project’ - but instead broke it down into a series of branches that we rolled out each week.

Everything was viewed in small chunks. In total, there were eight different design branches, and each branch would form part of a ‘tree’, which meant it was a very agile style of project execution. 

For the development, our team operated in a waterfall way of working so you could see the entire website in one file. To stay on track, we implemented two status calls each week.

“Keeping people motivated is about breaking down that project into bits that people can deliver so they're gaining confidence” - Mark Edington, Principle Consultant on the Condor rollout

Managing moving parts effectively

Of course, with so many people, so many moving parts, and a strict deadline - we navigated some challenges throughout. 

Condor’s website serviced millions of customers, so we couldn’t disrupt anything  - the site had to continue to work. What’s more, we were under very strict NDA’s - even some Condor staff had no idea what the new brand would look like!

We fixed any bugs we discovered in the existing as well as simultaneously working on the development rebrand. This meant we got to know the website inside out and became extremely familiar with every piece of code.

In just four months, the website was rebranded effectively. Condor were extremely happy with the outcome, and our relationship has gone from strength to strength.

We are still working with Condor on the next phase of the project, and look forward to collaborating with them on more exciting rollouts!

Key Facts 

  • 16-week timeframe 
  • Design and Development rollout
  • 4 people in UX, 5 people in Dev
  • 500 web components
  • 10 years old code to 10-day old code

We wouldn't have succeeded without you” - Condor

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