We created a cross platform application for GSK to help people quitting smoking
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Project Overview

Incendiary Blue have teamed up with Glaxo Smith Kline over the past couple of years to create a cross platform application to help people in their journey to quitting smoking.

Individual smoker’s quit attempts are unique, so the app needed to be simple, easy to use and cater for a wide demographic of users.

With a unique quitting experience, the app was developed to provide a blend of useful data through beautifully presented data charts, helping users keep track of their progress at a glance, and engaging content and supportive messaging that can help users through their quit attempt.

Subtle gamification is provided with a progress timeline, reaching health benefit milestones, gaining badges and discount coupons - encouraging user’s to keep tracking and logging their cravings to get the most out of the app. You can easily customise your own dashboard so you can quickly view the key info you’d prefer, like how much money you are saving whilst quitting or to view any of your logged data.

The end result is a widely referenced and lauded innovation project at GSK, having been effectively managed through much technical and internal complexity – this was the first mobile application project to be successfully taken from ideation through to launch within GSK.

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Working and guiding GSK’s brand and research teams in a continuing journey of iteration through research, design and development, we were able to evolve the app’s key features and functionality to provide user’s with an ever more easy to use and meaningful experience. And as it should be with digital projects of this nature, this process is on-going, ensuring the product is improved in the right manner.

The app has received incredible feedback in large consumer studies, which has made it GSK’s most highly rated application with the highest recorded recommendation percentage.

What’s next?

Augmenting the app with greater levels of functionality and personalisation…

89% of users say that the MyQuit app is helpful
78% of users say that they would recommend the MyQuit app