PMI - IQOS Advisor

Taking the IQOS customer experience digital

IQOS Advisor

When you have an innovative product, its newness isn’t always easy for customers to grasp. To counter this, IQOS had developed a printed sales tool to help customers understand their range and match them to the best-fitting product.

This worked well in-store, but wasn’t without its drawbacks. It required a sales assistant to lead the customer through the journey. It lacked the contemporary, forward-thinking appeal of the IQOS brand. And of course, it couldn’t support customers online.

IQOS Advisor 2.0 

With this in mind, IQOS commissioned us to reimagine the experience for the digital space. 

We put customers and their needs at their heart of our vision. And, starting with several rounds of UX and user testing, we were able to shape a truly customer-centric experience: IQOS Advisor.

This takes the form of an online tool and a tablet-based app in-store. Customers answer questions about their tastes and habits, and are matched to the most suitable product. Building on the original journey, we wove in new multimedia content to create a richer, more engaging experience.

Designed for now, ready for the future 

We mapped the outcomes of our journey onto the brand’s three existing conversion points – buy, try and learn more – so the digital experience could immediately start contributing to business goals. We also built adaptability into IQOS Advisor from the beginning, paving the way for the tool to grow and become an integral part of IQOS’s customer experience, online and off.


The best is yet to come 

IQOS now has a tool fit for the cutting-edge brand it is. Launching soon, it’s ready to start engaging and educating customers, wherever they’re looking to buy or learn about the brand’s heat-not-burn devices.