Reviti - Website UX


Reviti website

Reviti offers specialist life insurance for smokers, with the incentive of reduced premiums for those who stop. They faced the challenge of large numbers of users dropping off in their online application process and enlisted our support (following a recommendation for our work on the IQOS Try program).

First, ask ‘why?’

We knew that it was critical to Reviti that we make a quick impact. So we carried out a UX review in just five days. This suggested that the biggest barrier to completing the process was user fatigue, due to too many questions and too much scrolling. We then did a round of baseline testing that confirmed these results.

Wins now and for the future

With the problem well-defined, we developed and tested a prototype solution for a quicker, more user-friendly application journey in just three weeks. This meant we were able to deliver a positive impact for Reviti in just one month while also laying the foundations for long-term success.

The bigger picture

During our work, we also found that a number of users were dropping off after Reviti’s digital display and social media ads directed them to the homepage. After some investigation, we were able to determine that this came down to a mismatch between what the ads encouraged users to expect and what they found when they got there. Having uncovered this, we were able to suggest simple adjustments that would further enhance Reviti’s on-site performance.