Get your team back in the office with QuQueue

A new app for the new normal

You’ve queued for the supermarket. You’ve queued at the DIY store. And now  – wait for it – it’s time to queue at the office. It’s a tricky situation. But as we go back to work, we all have to adjust our office spaces for the challenge of social distancing.

Which is why we developed the QuQueue digital queuing app for Incendiary Blue’s return. It lets you define spaces, set the maximum number of people who can safely use that space, and create virtual queues for your team.

And in the spirit of helping each other adapt to these strange new times, we’re offering you the opportunity to use the QuQueue app in your workplace for free.

Explore more about QuQueue here: https://about.ququeue.com/

Find the app here: https://ququeue.com/