100 years exp.
(and counting)

At the heart of Incendiary blue you’ll find the same desire and passion in each individual. We believe our combination of professions give us the upper hand when finding the solution to a client’s problems.

Incendiary blue has been hard at work over the past 10 years beavering away at perfecting the best experience for their clients. IB started as one man working from home and has evolved rapidly to become a 20 strong team based in three key areas across the globe.

About Incendiary Blue

For those that read this part of the about page (don’t worry we test websites - we know what gets read) life in the IB team is designed without the need for bums on seats. Our flexible environment encourages the future way of working - and we aren’t turning back!

Our clients understand our unified approach to projects to ensure that any solution is one of elegance. As an agency we like to be and feel part of your business and help you achieve your goals. We like to refer to ourselves as the Avengers - but there is probably some copyright issues around that - so for now we will stick with Incendiary Blue.

Here is a selection of our awesome clients

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Teaming with clients achieve their goals in…


Our aim is to have you covered 24⁄7

In order to keep up with today’s ‘next day delivery’ mentality we knew having one office source wouldn’t let us service our clients the best way we know how.

With this in mind we targeted 3 key locations London, Cape Town and New York to form our triangle of communication. Our locations were intended to mean we never have to switch off the lights at the end of the day.